Electrical wire harness manufacturing, Electromechanical assembly, Mechanical assembly.

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TTAF Savunma San Ve Tic A.S offers electro-mechanical assembly service on products that include control panels, control box assemblies and sub-assemblies as compliment of core business of cable assembly. TTAF Defense manages the entire supply chain of components such as PCBs, switches, bulbs, LEDs etc. including painted or plated metals or thermoplastic materials.

  • TTAF Savunma San Ve Tic A.S is your one-stop engineering partner by process development, fabrication and testing, while focusing on your expectations with high-quality, cost-controlled, and reliable assemblies and processes

  • TTAF Savunma San Ve Tic A.S can build your electronic assembly, integrate it into your final product configuration, complete a full series of ICT / Functional / Environmental tests, and provide a fully assembled / certified unit ready to ship to your customer.

  • TTAF Savunma San Ve Tic A.S carries out the design, documents analysis and realization of electromechanical assemblies, aimed to supply high qualified military, civil and industrial applications for Missile and Radar Systems, Telecom, Aviation Technology and Railway Applications.